COVID-19 Safety Protocols

We take great care & extensive measures in assuring our clients & students safety so everyone is able to focus on what's important without any worry whatsoever.

As our loyal clients & students already know & newcomers quickly learn, we always conduct a telephone consultation before booking the first visit as well as an update to following visits to be sure the course of treatments or programs of study are right for you.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we've included several added measures for everyone's safety as described.

In addition to the usual telephone consultation prior to booking your appointment, we will conduct a "Covid-19 Pre-screening Questionnaire".  You will receive a copy of of this questionnaire, a list of additional medical conditions to review, location details and specific arrival instructions to follow carefully.

When arriving for your appointment, please do not just enter the clinic. Text your technician announcing your arrival & wait for a response. Your technician will come to meet you outside the front door of the clinic.

Please read the warning sign posted on the front door.  Wear a face mask. Only medical grade masks are acceptable. If you do not have access to medical grade masks, we will provide one for you as a courtesy at no cost to you. 

When your technician comes out to meet you at the door, you will be asked the same "Covid-19 Questions" again & we will take your body temperature with a contactless forehead thermometer. If your body temperature or any of your answers to the Covid-19 Pre-screening questions are not within safe limits, you will not be allowed entry & your appointment will be rescheduled. If you are permitted entry, you will be offered hand sanitizer & escorted to the treatment room where you will be required to enter your information into a visitor's log. 

Only the client or student visiting for services or training will be allowed entry. No friends or children will be permitted into the clinic during your treatment or training time.  Exceptions include clients who need assistance due to physical limitations or language barriers.  Clients of the same family coming together for treatment (only two at a time are permitted for social distancing). If you are a student coming for training, only one student & one model is permitted.  Two students are permitted only if both are registered for training if they are a couple or related & of the same household.

All appointments are booked with 30 minutes buffer time in between each. The clinic room is equipped with a high performance HEPA filter air cleaner running at all times. The room, all equipment, all surfaces & floors are cleaned with hospital level cleaners & disinfectants, all barriers are taken down & replaced between each booking.

The clinic room is a private room, specifically set up as per health department protocols & is sealed off from the rest of the clinic. No one else is permitted entry during training or treatment time other than those already permitted entry.

Full PPE's are worn by the clinician or educator during the entire time of treatment or training. Clients, models & students must also be in full PPE's, provided by us if need, during the entire time of services or traing. Hand washing & sanitizing is mandatory by everyone in the clinic room as required during the process &  then again before exiting the clinic. 

There will be no magazines, books, food or beverages offered. There are no items with soft surfaces offered such as blankets or pillows. The treatment room may be cool due to air conditioning therefore you are welcome to bring your own blanket as well as a bottle of water. No food is allowed. 

Thank you for reading our safety protocols. We're always happy to address any questions or concerns you may have. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime 🤗 by phone or email.

Stay safe.  647-831-0298