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This is a fantastic, easy to use, naturally earthy scented skincare bundle specially formulated for men. There are five products in this package deal,  briefly described below. These products are super concentrated with active ingredients that really work. A little goes a long way! For more details, search each individual product.

- My Blue Lotus Cleanser 125ml / effective for all skin types, deep cleans without over drying maintaining healthy ph balance, helps nourish the skin & fortifies skin from daily environmental pollutants. Wash face with small pea size amount morning + night.

- My Cedarwood Moisturizer 15 ml - for normal to dry skin /  contains phyto-nutrients, vitamins & antioxidants for optimal skin health at any age. Apply while skin is still moist immediately after cleansing. Use a small pea size amount morning + night.

- My Vitamin A Balancing Créme 15ml - for normal to oily skin / also excellent for bearded skin challenges. Moisturizes while balancing oil production without over drying. Helps smooth and soothe skin irritation due to shaving with plant extracts and antioxidants. Apply a pea sized amount, gently working into face and neck morning and night immediately after cleansing. Bearded area's may need slightly more product to work down into skin but do not over saturate. Also be sure to rinse away all excess cleanser from facial hair before applying.

- My Calendula Cane Exfoliant 7gm / multi-action super serum. Benefits signs of aging as well as targets oily & acne prone skin by breaking up deep seated debris in pores, balances oil production, fruit acids help remove dry, dead skin cells for healthy radiant looking skin. Use 2 to 3 times per week or nightly during acne outbreaks. Apply 2 to 3 drops on fingers & gently massage into face & neck after cleansing + before applying moisturizer.

- My Sulphur Purifying Mask 15ml - Recommend for normal to oily skin however, all skin types can benefit from this purifying mask that contains organic extracts & skin conditioning ingredients. Helps balance oil production without drying, clears blocked pores + removes buildup of dead skin & impurities from daily environmental stresses.  Apply enough to lightly but completely cover face once a week at night time, immediately after cleansing. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes then rinse well. Apply moisturizer immediately after while skin is still damp.