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My Face Place

My Face Place

Is Your Face Place


Beauty Has

No Age

No Color

No Gender

It Just Is


You Have Arrived​

Call Or Text For More Information About Any Product,

Skin Care,

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Professional, Friendly & Personalized Micropigmentation, Skin Care & Beauty Enhancement Clinic

Helping Women & Men Enhance Their Beautiful, Natural Glow at Any Age

Would you like to enhance your eyebrows, eyes, lips, lashes or have healthy glowing skin without looking like you are wearing makeup?

My Face Place in Mississauga, Ontario is here to help.

We offer a wide range of products, cosmetic and skin care services. Contact us today for a preliminary telephone consultation.

About Us

Backed up by more than 35 years in the health profession including an art & cosmetic background, we started the clinic in 2016. As a one-stop shop for your micro-pigmentation and aesthetic needs, we also sell vegan-friendly organic beauty products. We are trained by some of the best world renowned Master Trainers such as Adi Schendel For Scalp Micropigmentaion.

Why Choose Us

What makes us stand out is that we provide all our services to both men and women. Men & women can receive a variety of services on the same day while enjoying a comfortable setting with aromatherapy & Zen music.

We educate our clients about the treatments we provide and how each can benefit and enhance their appearance, sense of well-being and improve the health and condition of their skin.

You have to fully understand all the preliminary preparations needed before each service. These include pre-medications, doctors’ notes, expectations during treatments, and proper care for the treatments at home with their home care products. Written instructions are also important, so you know what the realistic outcome will be, including how many follow-up appointments that may be needed.

Mission Statement

We will make My Face Place your face place while promoting our belief that aging is a privilege. Aging well is a gift.

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